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Here are some of the best resources for bloggers. They aren't plagued by any affiliate links,
so you can rest assured that you're only getting high quality stuff. Enjoy!

Elegant Themes is a fantastic collection of WordPress themes and plugins. They offer yearly
access to all their resources for $89, and lifetime access for $249 - a no brainer, if you ask
me! If you are a beginner to web design and acronyms such as HTML, CSS and JS scare you, a
WordPress site that was built using Elegant Themes' resources is all that you need to get

MailChimp has got some clever brains behind it, trust me! It's a powerful email marketing
service that can be used for free. Then, when you'll get several thousands of subscribers,
you'll only have to pay a modest $10/month fee.

Canva allows you to design beautiful graphics for your website, even if you lack the needed
skills. It's a free web application, but if you want to use one of their stock photos, you'll
have to pay for it - usually a modest $1/image.

Sumo offers a collection of high quality, free tools that help bloggers promote their sites.
They've got seven different versions of their powerful list building tool, to give you an

Grammarly is a tool that helps you fix any errors you may have made in your articles. It's got
a reasonably priced paid version as well, but the free version will be more than enough for
most people's needs.

Knowem helps you verify if the social media accounts you're interested in using are available
or not. And for a decent fee, the guys at Knowem will even create them for you!

Copyscape will let you know if somebody else has copied your website content and uses it on
his/her own blog.

Hootsuite allows you to manage all your social media accounts from within a single dashboard.
It also helps you track how many times people have shared your posts, and so on.